Borges launches a healthy alternative to replace the use of saturated fats in the food industry


  • Healthy & Green Solid Oil 4.0, is the result of intense research and development works conducted by Borges Agricultural & industrial Edible Oils teams, with the aim of providing a healthy solution to the food industry that replaces saturated fats.
  • With this innovation, Borges continues to promote a healthy nutrition by creating a new product line as an alternative to the use of palm oil, dairy fats, hydrogenated and animal fats.
  • Healthy & Green Solid Oil 4.0 product line is made from unsaturated vegetable oils and it is suitable for all sectors of the food industry.

September 3, 2018. Borges Agricultural & Industrial Edible Oils as a result of its commitment to the health of its consumers and the result of intense work by its R+D teams has created Healthy & Green Solid Oil 4.0.

This new product line offers a healthy alternative to the use of highly saturated tropical fats, dairy fats, hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated fats and animal fats.

The innovative product line Healthy & Green Solid Oil 4.0 is aimed at the food industry, especially bakery and confectionery, puff pastry, biscuits, creams, chocolates and processed meat industries. Borges reaffirms its commitment with the innovation and development of products that optimally meet the needs of the food industry committed to the health of its consumers.

Healthy fats

Currently in the production of some sweets, creams, industrial pastries, and processed meat, hydrogenated and / or saturated fats are used; considered unhealthy. These types of ingredients are frequently present in ultra-processed products too. Numerous studies show that an assiduous consumption of these fats contributes to increasing the LDL cholesterol levels, also known as “bad” cholesterol, and increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, as well as insulin resistance.

To present a healthy alternative to the consumption and use of these fats in the food industry, Borges has created Healthy & Green Solid Oil 4.0 product line, with a healthy nutritional profile thanks to its unsaturated vegetable oils base and whose characteristics perfectly match the texture and palatability needs required by the food industry.

Origin, sustainability and environment

With Healthy & Green Solid Oil 4.0 product range, Borges reinforces its commitment with the environment by using only ingredients from traditional crops in Europe, grown mostly in an area of around 300 km from its production facilities. Hence, reducing CO2 emissions and contributing to the fight against climate change.

In addition, unlike palm cultivation, whose obtaining entails the destruction of large tropical forests and endangers the survival of animal and plant species, this new product line is also sustainable in terms of cultivation and contributes to the maintenance of biodiversity.

About Borges Agricultural & Industrial Edible Oils

Borges Agricultural & Industrial Edible Oils is a Borges International Group business unit, a leading global Group in healthy food market with more than 122 years of experience in the production, industrialization and marketing of olive oil, vegetable oils, nuts, vinegars, balsamic creams, Italian pasta, olives and sauces, being present in up to 114 countries. With more than a thousand employees, 13 industrial plants in six countries and 15 commercial offices in nine countries, manages 2,401 hectares (1,139 in Spain, 942 in Portugal and 320 in California, USA) where it produces walnuts, pistachios and almonds.

The constant search for excellence in all areas, distinguishes Borges International Group and makes it an ambassador for Mediterranean cuisine and lifestyle, with a business concept customer-oriented, combined with an inescapable commitment with quality, innovation and sustainability.