Borges Agricultural and Industrial Edible Oils is a group dedicated to agriculture, processing and B2B trade of olive oil and seeds. It is part of Borges International Group, a Spanish multinational company founded in 1896 with a turnover of more than 744 million euros in 114 countries around the world.
Borges Agricultural and Industrial Edible started its international business in 1957. Currently our clients are distributed in 60 countries. Our function does not only consist of buying and selling oil, but also to supply, industrialize and commercialize part of the value chain of our customers.

All this with the guarantee that is given by:

Fabrica original borgesFabrica actual borges

121 years of family tradition and values rooted in Mediterranean culture.

Our high degree of integration allows us to guarantee the highest standards of food quality and traceability throughout the production chain

Our team of purchasing experts is one of our greatest assets, with more than 30 years of experience and constant updating regarding the situation of the crops and markets.

We have a wide portfolio of first class clients, globally consolidated and among them the most important food companies in the sector.

Our network of collaborators allows vertical integration throughout the value chain, which provides us with relevant information on market evolution and harvests, and ensures the supply of key raw materials to safeguard our position regarding certain products and markets.