Borges has produced its own High Oleic Sunflower oil since 1982 and has had contracts with cooperatives and producers to ensure supply, traceability and quality control from the field to our customers. “High-oleic” sunflower oil is similar in composition to olive oil. This type of oil is obtained from seeds of special sunflower varieties, rich in that oleic acid and represents an interesting offer for its good nutritional design and affordable price. In Borges we have developed our own varieties that allow us to ensure the highest quality and oleic acid content.



It is used for the production of canned vegetables and fish.
Important ingredient for mayonnaises and margarines.
Highly resistant to oxidation, ideal as both uncooked and frying oil.

Available qualities

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Sunflower oil is mainly composed of polyunsaturated fatty acids which include linoleic acids. These fatty acids are considered essential and must be provided daily through food, since they cannot be synthesized by the body. Sunflower oil also provides monounsaturated fat in the form of oleic acid.
Oils with high oleic acid content are less susceptible to oxidative changes during refining, storage and frying at high temperatures. The food cooked with this oil keep its organoleptic qualities for longer and these virtues make it very interesting for the food industry.
Given the lower rate of oxidation of oleic acid, this sunflower oil is almost as strong as the hydrogenated ones such as palm oil or animal fats, making it a very good alternative with a much more attractive nutritional profile.